Friday, July 8, 2011


I guess it's time for me to start Blogging? Why? Because I'm getting old and it will probably be easier for me to remember things if I document them. Um, yeah.

So today, I finally got my special invite into the world of Google+. I actually got the invite a few weeks ago, but to my dismay, I was "rejected" due to Google's limitations on accepting newbies during this test phase.

Am I excited? YES! I mean look, I actually have something to BLOG about! WHOO! Why am I excited? I don't know? Maybe being a part of this testing phase makes me feel...special. lol

So, how is it? Uh? It looks sort of like Facebook's news feed. What sucks is that there are only 5 other people in my circle who are on it, so my feed looks a little empty. I guess I can't complain, since I haven't contributed anything...yet.

What else? Oh, I was happily inviting people when the "Invite" button disappeared. Weird? It said I had 8 more invites to pass out and then it all just vanished. I poked around for a good half hour trying to locate the invite button or a way to invite people and N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Oh, well. I guess I'll do my best to appreciate that I have 5 people in my Circle on Google+. It's better than none.

Okay, I'm a little brain-dead right now. Hopefully, these blogs will get a little more interesting. Actually, now that I've started my blog, it's a good reason for me to go out and GET A LIFE!

Speaking of getting a life, I plan to go running tomorrow. Humph. We'll see if that plan pans out... :(

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