Saturday, July 16, 2011

071611 Guys Posing In Pictures

Judging from the photos that pop-up on my Facebook news feed, guys have FIVE main poses in their photos:

1) Point at the other person in the photo.
2) Raise your arms in the air because in your head, you are singing, "Look at me now...I'm fresha than a mutha f*cka!"
3) Cross your arms, and tilt your head up, because you're too cool to pose.
4) Throw up gang signs, the peace sign or a "W" because you are so West side. This was alright in your teens, but not when you're breaking 40. I really don't see guys outside of California do this. I'm surrounded by #%!$#&!
5) The "self-portrait in mirror exposing abs" pose. This can be an excellent pose. However, I'd rather not see men hovering around or over 40 doing sexy @ss poses. It would just be...disturbing. I don't care if you ARE sexy. It's just DISTURBING. :( about mix it up? Here are five ideas:

1) Kissy face. Pout your lips...someone's coming in for a smooch.
2) 3/4 turn and push your ass out. The ladies have been doing this one for years! 2011...make it yours!
3) The "Surprise!" face. You have tons and tons of photos capturing you with a grimace, scowl or "nonchalant" look. Change it up. You'd be surprised...!
4) King Tut. I hear the 80's are back. Strike a pose Egyptian style.
5) Random Superhero pose. Did anyone else play Superhero Freeze Tag as a kid? Then you know what I am talking about.

I really need to make a collage of all my friends doing the same FIVE poses. Heehee!

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